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Please read the disclaimer before booking the session

Consultation Options

Tatkal Paramarsh तत्काल परामर्श

On Call Urgent follow-up/ Rapid consultation

(Phone/Whatsapp Call only)

Standard Urgent call (Single Question)​

Question from any area can be discussed. You can book this session for urgent follow up call or a quick discussion on a question

for which you need a spiritual guidance as per your horoscope(except those mentioned in disclaimer). No recordings are available for this category.

Sadgamayah: सद्गमय:

Standard Zoom live Consultation Options(Audio with Screen share)

​​​​Standard In-Depth Horoscope discussion - Any Area (up to 30 mins) 

Questions from any area can be discussed. You can book this session for Career, Marriage (Unmarried individuals or single person with relationship issues), financial issues or any other questions(except those mentioned in disclaimer)

Follow up discussion (up to 30 mins) ​
This session can also be booked for Urgent sessions where a short analysis is needed but please connect over E-Mail to see if slots are available.

Standard In-Depth Couple Horoscope discussion (upto 30 mins)
Questions from any area can be discussed as a joint discussion of both partners horoscope (This is not for horoscope matching). You can book this session for Career, Marriage, financial issues or any other questions(except those mentioned in disclaimer)

Karmane VaDhikarste कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते

Advanced discussion [Special Reading]

Enquire for available slots

This is a detailed discussion on Natal Chart with special focus on discussion on various areas of horoscope, understanding the architecture, reason of birth, spiritual inclination, and understanding the prarabdha. 

Includes understanding of Divisional chart, Mahadasha, Lagna chart, Moon chart, Degree of each planet and its importance, Complete Planet and Nakshatra analysis, including Ashtak Varga chart and Shadbal lookups: 

This includes discussion on below areas:





*Goal of life


*Bhrigu Bindu

*Remedies and discussion on remedies and more topics...

E-mail at to Book this Consultation and to enquire about other options...

For Enquiries
E-mail at

Get your personalised Kundali Report

वयं रक्षामः


  • The sessions are spiritual guidance only.

  • The reading is intended to help you spiritually and make you ascend on the path of righteousness by letting you know the right path. The opinions are spiritual guidance and are carefully analysed and suggested. To follow as advised or not, is your karma. Negative predictions will not be given. Use the energy wisely.

  • One should use their own discretion before making any decisions. Predictions made cannot be used as a subject of legal matter. Indications predicted by Punneit are for individual's guidance and cannot be held responsible for any kind of loss of any form. This is strictly an opinion based on spiritual understanding of the chart. The indications are for reference and you must not entirely depend on it.

  • Punneit holds the right to accept or reject the consultation as he will check the “prashna chart” for every individual seeking session and, in few cases, if universe do not permit through the prashna chart he may postpone or refund if any amount was paid for the session in question.

  • All payments made otherwise are non-refundable. You can reschedule in case you are not available at the scheduled slot. Refund is only applicable on above scenarios as mentioned.

  • Follow up session/(s) (if any) must be taken within 15 days of the completion of the current booked session. Any follow up after that can be taken as a new booking unless requested or suggested by Punneit.


Note: Questions related to Politics, death and death related causes, Gender of child, Horoscope matching before marriage are NOT considered. The final decision to consider the consultation is with Punneit. Payment made for such requests without notification to Punneit will be refunded deducting any fees taken by the mode of transaction (like PayPal fees). Please enquire before making any payment.

*Session will be booked in 7-25 days after payment subject to slot availability.  For earlier slot please mention urgency. This do not guarantee slots availability.

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