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Punneit is a modern astrologer with a scientific approach towards astrology. He believes in quantifying the vast universe into different permutation and combinations resulting in the birth of the most intriguing science of stars and its effects on us.

He started his astrological journey on summer of 2005 where life turned around for him and he found his answers in astrology, the very subject he rejected initially. Since then he is into continuous research into Parashari Vedic astrology and its most difficult concepts

Born in an astrological environment he wanted to reach the stars when astrology sealed his fate and took him in her guidance. He believes that astrology is a guidance more than prediction and follows the law of karma.


The Karmik predictions made by him is loved by many and are surprised to see how easily he is able to find the root cause of issues that may be working behind the scene.

His hard work can be seen from the reviews he receives  

And he believes in "Do good Be good"

Punneit's Astrology
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